Friday, April 27, 2012

Community – Basic Lupine Urology

Annie (Alison Brie) discovers the group's the study group's science project has been destroyed the group sets out to find the person responsible. In an attempt to salvage their grade the group begins an investigation and puts one of their fellow students on trial in true Law & Order style (complete with a parody opening and trademark beats).

Abed (Danny Pudi) and Troy (Donald Glover) take on the roles of detectives and question potential suspects including Pierce (Chevy Chase) Star-Burns (Dino Stamatopoulos) and Magnitude (Luke Youngblood). Annie and Jeff (Joel McHale) are called upon to present their case to the Biology teacher (Michael Kenneth Williams), but their leading suspect turns out to by an Irar War hero with a general (Michael Ironside) for a lawyer (and uncle) who uses the student's war record as his defense.

After riling Annie up enough to destroy the soldier on the stand (or a chair in the biology room) the group appears to have won their case. However, Jeff suspects they've only uncovered half the truth and seizes an opportunity to catch the real yam killer in his closing arguments.

As parodies go this one is ridiculous but pretty damn spot on,  including a rather morbid final sequence concerning the final fate of Star-Burns. The show's closing credit sequence featuring Troy, Abed, a pair of bunk beds, and Dean Felton (Jim Rash) is one of the best of the season as well.

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