Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fairly Legal - What They Seem

Ben (Ryan Johnson) asks for Kate's (Sarah Shahi) help settling a police brutality case for his client. The catch? Justin (Michael Trucco) is representing the city in the civil suit case and is counter-suing the thief for false accusations.

Although Kate immediately smells something fishy, and she's less than thrilled by Ben's tactics of attacking the first cop on the scene, the fact that remains that Ben's client was beaten by someone that night after robbing a liquor store and assaulting a cop, and if Lieutenant O'Hara (Brian Goodman) wasn't the man to administer the beating odds are he allowed it to happen.

Believing that the officer may have suffered from inattentional blindness Kate gets Ben to give her enough time to find the whole story before he crucifies the cop in the press. With Leo's (Baron Vaughn) help Kate is able to reconstruct the night's events and discover O'Hara's partner (Larisa Oleynik) knows far more than she's telling.

In the episode's B-story Lauren is being investigated for attorney misconduct while dealing with a complaint from an angered former client (Mark Margolis) who wants $100,000 to make the complaint go away. But with a little help from Kate (who decides to turn the extortion back on the longtime friend of her father's) the problem is quickly dealt with.

I enjoyed the scenes with Kate helping Lauren, and calling her on her "mistake." They may not be friends, but it appears they may finally be family. The episode's final scene between Kate and Ben is also intriguing because it gives Ben an added layer we haven't seen before as he turns down a very attractive proposal from his partner.

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