Saturday, April 21, 2012

Missing - A Busy Solitude

Before Paul Winstone's (Sean Bean) hideaway, and all the secrets it contains, goes in flames thanks to Dax Miller’s (Cliff Curtis) assistant Violet (Laura Donnelly) setting off an explosive charge, Becca (Ashley Judd) is able to put a name to the former Russian Intelligence Officer (Karel Roden) who has kidnapped Michael (Nick Eversman).

Becca's hope, however, is immediately dashed by the rest of Paul secrets going up in flames, Giancarlo (Adriano Giannini) informing her Interpol won't help her take down Azimoff, and the arrival of Jaime Ortega (Gina McKee) to take control and officially end the CIA's search for Michael.

With time running out and all her resources closed to her, Becca decides to to impetuously take matters into her own hands by stealing a CIA helicopter and setting out towards Russia to rescue her son as Paul reacquires his millions in stock certificates from the CIA.

Although Becca is able to find the house where Michael was being held once again she's seconds too late (hmm... I'm sensing a pattern here) as he's already made his escape with Oskana (Tereza Vorísková) leaving Becca empty-handed to face the wrath of the CIA. Although entertaining, the show is already repeating itself, and we can expect to see the CIA's growing distrust (again) in Becca boil over next week. And maybe we'll get another almost save in two or three weeks time.

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