Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Directed by Brad Bird, the latest Mission: Impossible flick puts Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) together with a new team (Paula PattonSimon PeggJeremy Renner) to stop a crazy Russian (Michael Nyqvist) from starting a nuclear war.

After an attempt to retrieve information in the Kremlin ends in disaster with the team blamed for a terrorist bombing the IMF is disbanded leaving only these four agents, and whatever they have with them, to stop the real terrorists and prove their innocence.The mission will take the team from Russia to the United Arab Emirates to India. For more on the film check out my original review of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

The movie works as well on Blu-ray as it did in theaters. The story and stunts hold up quite well and even knowing the small twist of Ethan's wife (Michelle Monaghan) won't spoil anything for you a second time around.

The limited edition three-disc Blu-ray includes a digital copy, the ability to stream the film from Paramount's Ultraviolet cloud storage, deleted scenes (with optional commentary by Brad Bird), an alternate opening to the film, trailers, and more than a dozen behind-the-scene featurettes for some of the film's big stunt sequences including the destruction of the Kremlin and the Hunt's climbing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, filming in the Russian prison, the sandstorm, shooting in IMAX, and the art department, props, and music used in the film.

The choice to add Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol to my collection was an easy one. I'd definitely recommend the limited edition 3-disc Blu-ray for fans of the series wanting to add it to their collection. You might have to search a little more to find it, but for almost the same price as the 2-disc Blu-ray you're getting quite a bit more extra content.

[Paramount Pictures, DVD $29.99 / 2-Disc Blu-ray $44.99 / 3-Disc Blu-ray $51.99]

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