Saturday, April 7, 2012

Justice League International #8

With several of the team members still out of action, and the United Nations Security Chief still doing her best to dismantle the team before more trouble lands on her doorstep, Batman reaches out for some help by bringing Batwing in on the case.

Although Batwing certainly makes sense with the makeup of the team being from countries all over the world, it is a little too coincidental that the African hero just happened to be in town right when Batman needed him. (And why wouldn't Bats go to someone close by, like say his former partner Nightwing, for help?)

After taking an almost immediate dislike to Booster Gold the three heroes fight off Lightweaver as Breakdown escapes custody. Things are no easier for the heroes still at the hospital as Guy Gardner, Godiva, and August General in Iron try to stop a rampaging O.M.A.C.

There's plenty of action, and the inclusion of two more New 52 characters, but the execution is only so-so. Still, it's worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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