Thursday, April 12, 2012

Psych - Santabarbaratown

In the Sixth Season finale a fresh murder puts Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) on the case by helping Henry (Corbin Bernsen) reopen a 20 year-old cold case involving a missing girl when her body is uncovered near the recent murder. Things really heat up with the discovery the second victim is the father of the leading suspect (Silk Stalking's Rob Estes) in the 20 year-old homicide.

Both Henry and Shawn are sure the smug rich prick is guilty of both crimes, but his connection and an alibi with a new female friend (Amanda Schull) with secrets of her own makes the detectives keep looking for evidence. Also complicating matters is the discovery of the DNA of Henry's old partner Lou on the young woman's corpse.

As the group goes back and re-questions old witnesses and retraces the original investigation, the killer tries to scare Shawn off the case by threatening Juliet (Maggie Lawson) in the same way Henry's old partner was threatened years before.

Although some of the Chinatown references don't work as well as I'd like, the episode does give us a compelling mystery as well as an unexpected cliffhanger (especially for a show known to wrap up each season with a big finale) as Henry's discovery of his dirty partners not only causes him to quit the force (again), but also puts his life in very real danger.

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