Sunday, April 29, 2012

Missing - A Measure of a Man

Arrested and detained in by the CIA for her recent actions Becca (Ashley Judd) finds herself interrogated by Jaime Ortega (Gina McKee) who suspects Becca knows far more about the man who has kidnapped her son and the whereabouts of her husband than she is telling. Instead of continuing the search for Michael (Nick Eversman), Agent Ortega is far more interested in discussing one of Becca and Paul's final missions for the CIA.

As Becca and Martin (Keith Carradine) separately go over the events of Operation Songbird with Ortega and Violet (Laura Donnelly), Dax Miller (Cliff Curtis) and Giancarlo (Adriano Giannini), finding themselves both frozen out of the case, agree to join forces to chase down the train Becca is sure her son is on and to learn more about Victor Azimoff (Karel Roden) in an attempt to discover the identity of "Suspect Zero" - the mystery man pulling the strings from the shadows.

Becca isn't able to convince Ortega and both she and Paul weren't working for Azimoff on Operation Songbird, and is shocked to see the unraveling of the case from the CIA Agent's perspective and how the current events with Michael all tie back to a young boy (Laurence Belcher) who killed is mother in front of the CIA's top two spies. By the end of her interrogation Becca is forced to flee once more. This time, however, she's been framed for murder and will have the full weight of the CIA on her heels with no one left to trust.

The episode (finally) does a good job to paint a picture of Becca from the CIA's point of view (even if it is a little to Ludlum-esque in its intricate levels of conspiracy and coincidence). Now on the run she'll have to spend as much time watching her back as looking for her son. To protect himself and Oksana (Tereza Vorísková), in the episode's B-story, Michael is forced to flee the train and use deadly force against the man hunting them as Oksana gets weaker and weaker without her insulin.

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