Monday, April 30, 2012

In Plain Sight - Sacrificial Lam

After her father (Stephen Lang) escapes custody and goes after his former boss Cormac “Sully” Sullivan (Steve Eastin), the man who has just killed 's son (Aaron Ashmore), Mary (Mary McCormack) finds herself under survelliance by the FBI on the authority of Agent O’Conner (Will McCormack) who wants nothing more than to hang the blame for the entire situation squarely on Mary's shoulders.

Given that she has a lifetime of issues to still work out with the man, which includes bringing him to justice, that isn't going to stop Mary from going after him herself. And it's the unfortunate return of Mary's pain in the ass witness Ronnie Dalembert (Maury Sterling) who may have given her the first clue as to what her father may be really up to. Cut-off from the investigation Mary finds herself stuck behind a desk vetting Ronnie's new love interest (Mozhan Marnò) instead of searching for her missing father.

Although able to eventually elude her FBI survelliance and find her father by playing her hunch, Mary's second arrest of her dad goes even worse than the first and she finds herself in a shootout with the men he was trying to fence the precious gems to. By the end of the episode Mary's job may be safe, but she will have lost her father again, and this time for good.

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