Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fairly Legal - Gimme Shelter

Forced into doing mediation for 20 bankruptcy clients of Aero Bank a thoroughly depressed Kate (Sarah Shahi) is moved by an apartment owner (Esai Morales) whose building has been in the family for three generations. With a little leeway from the bank, Kate can help the man save his building, but that means solving the problem of his drug dealing client who is keeping other renters away.

When Ben (Ryan Johnson) learns that his old friend and rival Travis (RonReaco Lee) is representing the drug-dealer, he suddenly becomes interested in a case he cared absolutely nothing about only hours before. However, his help almost gets Kate thrown into prison.

With Kate busy trying to save a client's livelihood it falls to Leo (Baron Vaughn) to work with the bank's lawyer (Tyler McClendon) in the bankruptcy negotiations, something he proves to be far more adept at than his boss. Lauren (Virginia Williams) is approached by D.A. Aaron Davidson (Esai Morales) to have Reed & Reed represent his campaign and informs her that news of Justin's (Michael Trucco) affair during his marriage to Kate is about to become front page news.

We get not one, not two, but three good stories here as Lauren is given the opportunity to show he generous side (albeit by blackmailing the District Attorney), Leo proves to have skills he didn't know he had, and Kate and Ben's latest collaboration (although it certainly has its rough patches) still finds a way to win the day.

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