Monday, November 3, 2014

Batman: Be-Leaguered

Despite refusing to join the Justice League, Batman is forced to investigate when the various core members begin mysteriously disappearing beginning with Superman. Much like the LEGO Batman games LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes - Batman: Be-Leaguered features the same humor and LEGO-style action fans have come to love. And I was also pleased to discover the classic take on all members of the Justice League rather than the New 52 versions which apparently be making their first appearance in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

As with the games, the animated TV-special allows the story to play on Batman's legacy of a lone crimefighter while good naturedly poking fun at the concept (such as in the cameo appearance by the rest of the Bat-Family). Although centered around Batman, the special does offer enough time to show off the other members of the Justice League, most noticeably the Flash's multi-tasking and Superman who attempts to convince Batman to join the League before becoming the first member to vanish.

Along with the heroes we also get appearances by several villains including one of my favorite Flash Rogues in Captain Cold. The choice of villain behind the disappearances is appropriate as is the goofy manner of his defeat. With Teen Titans Go! being the only DC cartoon currently on the air this LEGO special screams for a series that would continue to showcase not only these core heroes but also the rest of the wider DCU. I'd certainly watch. (And I really want a LEGO Hall of Justice now.)

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