Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stalker - Fanatic

While Perry (Erik Stocklin) continues playing games by using his relationship with Tracy (Tara Summers) to begin attacking Beth (Maggie Q) through her past, and even invading her home, only to watch the results with glee, the Threat Assessment Unit is called in to protect actress Nina Preston (AnnaLynne McCord) whose latest stalker seems fixated on both her character and the violent scenes of her TV-show which he begins recreating in her honor.

Examining both paparazzi and obsessed fan behavior, "Fanatic" delves into the fishbowl of celebrities with its usual flair of amped-up tension. Early suspects include a former stalker (Bethany Orr) and a tabloid photographer (Scott Michael Campbell) who was getting inside tips from the actress' sister (Heather Matarazzo), but the true story behind Nina's latest stalker is a bit more complicated involving an equally-unstable mother (Molly Hagan) and son (Brendan Sexton III) that lead to equally-tense attacks on Nina's life to bookend the episode.

Although the set-up seems to point to the paparazzi or an overly-zealous fan, "Fanatic" finds a way to put a slightly different spin on the story. Perry also scores two big wins on this episode in both rattling Beth with as single piece of mail and basking in her home while she and Jack (Dylan McDermott) are out solving the case. It will be interesting to see how far the show lets Perry continue fucking with its lead character before she begins to suspect what is really going on.

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