Monday, November 24, 2014

The Fade Out #3

The latest issue of The Fade Out turns its attention away from the murder of starlet Valeria Sommers (for the most part) and the troubles of screenwriter Charlie Parish to focus on Valeria's replacement Maya Silver. Troubled by a scumbag of an agent and a dangerous ex-husband, Maya has finally hit the big time by stepping into the role vacated by Valeria's death.

Although most of the issue is dedicated to Maya, several pages are presented from the perspective of studio owner Victor Thursby, a somewhat lost soul still seeking the unbridled lust of his youth and obsessed with the dead starlet which leads to an awkward moment between the studio head and the dead woman's replacement.

Although I'm not enjoying The Fade Out as much as Velvet (or the best issues of the now complete Fatale), writer Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips continue to keep my interest by shining a light into the dark corners of post-WWII Hollywood and continuing to slowly build out the world of Victory Street Pictures. Worth a look.

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