Thursday, November 6, 2014

Transporter: The Series - Sharks

As a means of enjoyment for those with far too much money and time on their hands Frank Martin (Chris Vance) is one of three drivers hired to deliver a briefcase of cash from Paris to Marseilles. Raising the stakes is the fact that news of each courier has reached groups more than willing to kill to get their hands on even one of the briefcases. And throwing a further wrench into the proceedings is Juliet (Delphine Chanéac) who uses her wiles to join one of the other drivers in the competition all in order to get close to Frank.

The episode would have been stronger if the other two drivers weren't such typical sterotypes in relation to Frank. We get the grizzled Peter O'Bannon (Jonathan Whittaker) who has earned Frank's respect and the hot-shot rookie (David Atrakchi) who certainly has not. Although Frank successfully completes the job, and is the only driver of the three to do so, he's certainly in no mood to celebrate.

Given the three drivers and several baddies with vehicles of their own Sharks provides plenty of action. The episode also illustrates the obsessive nature of Juliet willing (multiple times) to put her own life and danger to spend a little time with Frank and the depth of Carla's (Andrea Osvárt) loyalties to her boss over her latest fling (Marco Bonini) who confesses to using their relationship for inside information about the couriers.

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