Sunday, November 2, 2014

Elementary - Enough Nemesis to Go Around

Eight months after Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) left New York without even a farewell to begin working for MI6, the Third Season of Elementary picks up with his return. In his absence Watson (Lucy Liu) has carved out her own thriving consulting detective office, although she has struggled for months bringing down the new head of a local crime family (Gina Gershon). Holmes' sudden return is met with surprise rather than joy, as is the news that he has taken on a new protege (Ophelia Lovibond) whose own backstory and motives remain murky at this point.

Worming his way into Watson's case involving the shooting of a witness in police custody in a moving hotel elevator, Holmes not only points the police to an assassin (Brennan Brown) with a history of impossible kills staying in the hotel at the same time of the shooting but also deciphers the method of the murder. On Watson's request, however, he steps back from the case and allows her to solve the final piece of the mystery (albeit with a bit of subconcious leading from her former teacher).

The Holmes/Watson split certainly changes the show's status quo. The introduction of Kitty (Lovibond), her lies and refusal to follow orders, and Joan's reaction to the young woman, suggest there is likely to be some fallout over Holmes' new protege before too long. I don't expect the show to keep the pair separate throughout the season as we will likely see their partnership resume well before the end of the season. It also wouldn't surprise me if we learned Holmes wasn't fired by MI6, as Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) suggests, but rather choice to return to New York in hopes of reviving his practice and solving mysteries with Watson once more.

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