Saturday, November 8, 2014

Covert Affairs - Trigger Cut

Although various U.S. agencies are ready to close the case on the entire sordid affair by blaming Caitlyn Cooke (Perrey Reeves) for the inside information that led to terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, Annie (Piper Perabo) is a little less forgiving knowing that Aleksandre Belenko (Shawn Dowyle), an untouchable diplomat, is actually responsible for the attacks and for putting Ryan McQuaid (Nic Bishop) in a hospital bed where he still fights for his life.

Heading to Istanbul to follow the man's movements in hopes of leading to proof of his involvement of the attacks Annie stumbles onto both plans for another bombing and an unexpected reunion with Eyal Lavin (Oded Fehr). Given Annie's state of mind the reunion isn't as joyful as you might hope, but the pair do pick up where they left off working easily together although their efforts are continually stymied by an enemy who is always one-step ahead of them. The return of Eyal is always entertaining as he offers Annie comfort, advice, and temporary assistance (the last not quite as valuable) in the early days of her attempts to take Belenko down.

Cementing Belenko as the main baddie for the remainder of the second-half of the show's Fifth Season, "Trigger Cut" also makes the case personal for Auggie (Christopher Gorham) who reaches out to a friend (Rossif Sutherland) to help which turns out to have deadly consequences. The episode also includes a B-story of Calder (Hill Harper) turning Sydney (Nazneen Contractor) into a CIA asset by gathering intel about a Russian agent who the CIA hopes might shed some additional information on the attacks as well. It seems Sydney isn't going anywhere soon, but you have to wonder if her attempts to play spy and hero may lead her down a path both she and Calder will eventually regret.

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