Sunday, November 23, 2014

White Collar - Uncontrolled Variables

You always hurt the ones you love. Continuing a theme which we've seen played out over the show's six seasons, Neal's (Matt Bomer) latest assignment from the Pink Panthers forces the spy to work alongside Matthew Keller (Ross McCall) and ultimately destroy the life of a beautiful young woman (Laura Ramsey) who he has immediate chemistry with. Further complicating matters are the lengths both Keller and his Interpol handler (Isaach De Bankolé) are willing to go to (including leaving bodies in their wake) to take down the secret criminal cadre.

Enlisting the help of Mozzie (Willie Garson) to steal a secret algorithm from the vault of the building in which their mark works, the plan runs into a snag when Mozzie discovers the company uses ancient 8in. Floppy Disc technology to keep anyone from doing what Neal and Mozzie are attempting. Although Neal eventually gets the algorithm, from there the con takes several wrong turns ultimately putting the young woman's career and life in jeopardy, although learning the truth about Neal turns out to be the harshest cut of all.

"Uncontrolled Variables" is an interesting episode to throw in to the show's shortened final season as it focuses largely on how uncomfortable the former con man has become with lying and duping innocents. Neal even remarks to Mozzie something he's come to cherish from his time working with the FBI is only targeting criminals rather than innocents. It will be interesting to see if the disappointment and hatred of a woman who Neal was already falling for left him with any lasting effects as the show moves into its final three episodes.

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