Monday, November 17, 2014

Covert Affairs - Starlings of the Slipstream

With McQuaid (Nic Bishop) recovering from the shooting, Annie (Piper Perabo) turns her attention to Auggie (Christopher Gorham) whose behavior following his friend's unexpected death has gotten him a week suspension from Langley. Doing a little late-night reconissence work of her own, Annie discovers Auggie was right to be suspicious of the apparent suicide. Heading to Germany, Annie asks McQuaid to keep her best-friend safe knowing that he is now the last surviving member of a unit that Aleksandre Belenko's (Shawn Dowyle) attacks have been killing off.

Searching for the drug used to poison the latest member of the unit, Annie begins tailing the doctor (Josette Eales) who created the poison and discovers she isn't the only one keeping an eye on another of Belenko's assets. "Starlings of the Slipstream" offers a proper introduction to FSB operative Olga Akarova (Lynn Collins) who we've seen skulking around previously and is now keeping close tabs on the doctor (although not for the reasons Annie first suspects).

The latest episode of Covert Affairs offers several late twists as Olga appears to be friend rather than enemy, Joan's (Kari Matchett) polygraph about dark secrets she would like to keep hidden turns out to be a positive rather than a negative, and despite Auggie finally accepting McQuaid's protection the episode ends with his abduction ramping up events leading into the season's final two episodes. What will Annie be willing to risk to get Auggie back safely? What role will the still-injured McQueen play in the rest of the season (and beyond?), and will Joan's new super-secret promotion eventually lead Miss Walker to returning to the CIA?

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