Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stalker - Skin

The Threat Assessment Unit is called in to protect a former skinhead (Marc Blucas) who renounced the life years ago after meeting, marrying, and starting a family with a woman who wouldn't have fit in with old family. Discovering that the attacks are spurred on by the anger of a man who was recruited (Darri Ingolfsson), and now feels betrayed, by his former mentor, Beth (Maggie Q) and Jack (Dylan McDermott) also must deal with the suburban neighborhood which turns on the family once they learn of the man's former life.

"Skin" works well taking a remorseful by unsympathetic victim and placing him in the middle of violence brought on by his own past associations. Although it takes a little trickery by Ben (Victor Rasuk), the team eventually finds a way to put the white supremacist behind bars despite the care he takes in never being directly involved in the harassment of his old friend.

Ignored for most of the episode, the subplot involving Perry (Erik Stocklin) and his attacks on Beth continue in the episode's epilogue with a present that brings back painful memories from her past. Given the trailer for next week's episode, the B-story may finally get further development by turning it's attention back to the show's first Stalker and his growing obsession with the show's lead.

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