Thursday, November 20, 2014

Person of Interest - Point of Origin

Using a temporary assignment as a trainer at the police academy to keep an eye on the latest number, Reese (Jim Caviezel) soon discovers the cadet (Adria Arjona) isn't a green recruit but an officer in Internal Affairs looking for a mole for the Brotherhood inside the academy. When she's framed for the death of her handler, Reese and Fusco work to bring down the man responsible which leads Shaw to make a discovery about her old friend Mini (Winston Duke) who is much more than he appeared to be during their first meeting.

Aside from the introduction of Officer Dani Silva (Arjona), who I wouldn't mind seeing return as one of the show's many recurring characters, "Point of Origin" also has a little fun with Reese's therapist (Wrenn Schmidt) and his hero complex. And setting up a big showdown in the episodes to come, Finch receives a number for the second time (for only the second time in the show's history) as he discovers who Dominic is targeting by stealing police files from the academy. It appears the war between Dominic and Elias (Enrico Colantoni) for control of the city is about to begin.

The episodes's B-story may have serious ramifications for one member of the team as Samaritan uses the partial image from last week's episode to send Martine (Cara Buono) after Shaw (Sarah Shahi). For a show that's already killed off a major character, and hinted that not everyone on Team Finch may survive this season, I'm a little concerned that Shaw's number may have come up if the team has to choose between preventing an all-out gang war and saving one of their own. Thankfully, from the teaser from next week's episode, we know she'll have a little back up with Root's (Amy Acker) return.

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