Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Battle Creek - Heirlooms

Despite learning something about his new FBI buddy's past last week that doesn't stop Russ (Dean Winters) from continuing to pry and illicit information from Milton Chamberlain (Tad Hamilton) about what really brought him to Battle Creek, Michigan. While working to solve a case involving the natural death of a rich old man and the brutal murder of a former hooker (which takes them a little too long to find the proper motive of greed) the pair trade a few lies about their pasts leaving no one the wiser.

"Heirlooms" doesn't deviate much from the basic formula of the show. Milt and Russ argue over how to solve the case, which involves dueling police dogs at one point, and don't make a break in the murder until they begin to work together. The B-story of Holly's (Aubrey Dollar) disappearances from the office, and Russ' unintentional admission to his feelings about his co-worker, teases the need for the detective to face his emotions while he still has a chance. I'm less certain about Russ' conclusion that Milt is a better liar than he thought as Milt's story seems to have more than a little truth in it (perhaps he was a cop rather than an FBI agent at the time).

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