Thursday, March 12, 2015

Perception - Romeo

While laying the groundwork for next week's series finale (TNT decided not to renew the show for a Fourth Season), "Romeo" features Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) attempting to come to terms with his feelings about Kate's (Rachael Leigh Cook) impending marriage to Donnie (Scott Wolf) while investigating a murder on campus most believe was committed by a mentally-confused student (Deniz Akdeniz) whose previous rash behavior wasn't punished more harshly by Haley (LeVar Burton) because of the Dean's friendship with Daniel.

The mixed emotions and feelings of responsibility by both Pierce and Haley add an interesting undercurrent to the episode and Kate's wedding forces Daniel to spend much of the investigation without his favorite former student. Lisa Brenner reprises her role from earlier this season but is largely a red herring as the eventual trouble on Kate's wedding day doesn't come from Daniel's heartfelt admission of love of Donnie's crazy stalker (unless she snuck back into the church after being escorted out?) but from the bride simply disappearing right before her walk down the aisle. The episode doesn't do enough (or anything really) to sell me on the concept that Kate left on her own meaning the question becomes who took her, and why?

With TNT choosing not to pick up the show for another season next week's season finale will mean a wrap to the series. With the writers not knowing beforehand of their cancellation I'm curious to see how much of the series' ongoing storylines the finale chooses to wrap up and how much is left unsaid by Pierce, Kate, and Donnie about who really belongs with who.

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