Thursday, March 5, 2015

Perception - Mirror

While struggling to write her vows for her upcoming second marriage to Donnie (Scott Wolf), Kate (Rachael Leigh Cook) brings Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) onto a case involving the murders of the Bangladeshi Consul General (Ajay Mehta) and a Chicago reporter (Alex Weed) which uncovers a conspiracy that left thousands dead of cholera due to inadequate vaccine. Pierce immediately dismisses the leading suspect (Agam Darshi) in the crime, an assistant to the consul who suffers from Mirror-touch synesthesia forcing her to feel the emotions and pain of those around her making it impossible for the woman to be responsible for her boss' death.

As the Third, and final, season of the show winds down "Mirror" delivers the basic formula involving a little-known medical condition and crime which Daniel will need the help of a hallucinatory helper to solve. This week's help comes in the form of beach bum (David de Lautour) whose dirty feet and offhand mentions of corporations treated by the law as people and Pierce refusing to call Lewicki (Arjay Smith) by his first name each lead to big breaks in the case.

With TNT choosing not to renew the show for a fourth season (Franklin & Bash got the ax as well making me wonder what the hell are they going to air next year besides The Librarians?) only two episodes remain as Pierce is able to step-in and help Kate with her wedding vows but in doing begins to self-reflect on his feelings for his partner inside the FBI possibly leading to some last-minute confessions by the professor before the end of the series finale.

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