Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scorpion - Once Bitten, Twice Die

Agent Gallo (Robert Patrick) enlists the help of Walter (Elyes Gabel) and his team to keep the existence of peace talks between nations on the brink of war from becoming public. When one of the negotiators is murdered by an unknown poison the team has only 90 minutes to find the the assassin and deliver an antidote.

I don't know if it was caused by notes from the network or if the show's writers simply felt they were undervaluing Paige (Katharine McPhee) but "Once Bitten, Twice Die" makes a concerted effort to make up for it by allowing team's least likely member to make several key deductions over the course of the episode. I'm all for showcasing what Paige brings to the team but the episode goes overboard with the number of times she steps in with an observation or plan to defuse a situation while the government officials and geniuses seem completely lost. Fernanda Andrade has a rather thankless guest-spot as the government agent on scene to keep the negotiations on schedule but who is constantly being upstaged by a woman who did a term paper for night school on the countries involved.

Despite these issues Scorpion's latest episode includes some memorable moments such as Walter falling into a snake pit while searching for the specific snake needed to create an anti-venom, Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) sharing their first real kiss, and Walter, Paige, and Happy stealing a Taco Truck to race to the rescue. It seems the show has no interest in pulling back the stakes and action to more believable levels for Walter and his team to deal with but at least its acknowledging how ridiculous some of these adventures truly are.

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