Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Blacklist - The Longevity Initiative

While Tom (Ryan Eggold) and the Major (Lance Henriksen) are forced to deal with the fallout of Reddington's (James Spader) actions leaving them both at the mercy of the pissed-off Aryan Nation group Die Entretetchen, Lizzie (Megan Boone) and the FBI look into a tech billionaire whose side project gives the episode its name. Obsessed with finding the secret to escaping death Roger Hobbs (Ralph Brown) has hired scientists across the globe including Julian Powell (Joshua Close) who has now started using human test subjects in his high-risk procedures.

Despite a nice moment between them to end the previous episode things are still tense between Red and Lizzie who gets a glimpse into layers of motives her informant has when he hands over a name from The Blacklist (even if she doesn't understand exactly why Red was interested in the doctor's research). Reddington's help gets the doctor off the streets and makes the FBI aware of what Hobbs is financing, but Red's actions also keep Hobbs clean which is good news for Red as well as Cooper (Harry Lennix) whose boss strongly hinted the FBI should give the tech billionaire a wide berth.

The episode ends with Red's words of warning to Lizzie about dark days coming in the near future. Are they tied to the Fulcrum or perhaps the person who attempted, and failed, to use Berlin to destroy Reddington? And what does the future hold for the former husband and wife now that Tom is back on the streets with a new mission to help the Germans locate information about a woman named Sarah Hastings in return for his life. And what will happen (and perhaps be revealed?) between Lizzie and Red once Reddington discovers Tom is back in her life?

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