Friday, March 6, 2015

Morning Glories #43

Although the story will eventually tie back into the larger arc of Casey's bid to be the next Student Council President, the focus of Morning Glories #43 is predominantly on Ike who makes some disturbing discoveries on his trip to the school's library.

The Librarian hands the young man a series of books causing visions from his past (a ceremony performed shortly after his birth by Abraham and Gribbs and what follows in the offices of Wow-Mo! Enterprises), present (those spying on the his "friends" in the school), and future (in which he sits down with a far older version of himself).

Despite his usual banter with Casey early on, it's obvious that the fate of Jade is weighing heavy on Ike which makes the revelation of his eyes being opened (an important phrase we've seen before concerning the kids reaching an important milestone of their potential) all the more interesting. Such an experience doesn't leave the cocky young man unscathed as he chooses to join the fight and put together a team to help Casey win the upcoming election. Has a new organized rebellion finally begun? Worth a look.

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