Thursday, March 12, 2015

Person of Interest - Karma

While offering us new flashbacks to the dangerous road traveled by a grieving Finch (Michael Emerson) following the murder of his friend Nathan Ingram (Brett Cullen), "Karma" offers the group one of their most unusual numbers to date. A psychologist (Patrick Kennedy) still grieving his wife eight years after her murder has taken it upon himself to arrange justice for his patients and others by meticulously planning and framing guilty individuals who have escaped justice in the past for crimes they can't weasel out of. Reese (Jim Caviezel) witnesses the man's bizarre behavior in one such scenario which leads to him framing an innocent man for bank robbery.

Although Reese and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) argue they should be helping the vigilante rather than attempting to stop him, things take a serious turn when the killer (Daniel Sauli) who murdered their number's wife is released from prison. Just what the good doctor has in store for him will force Finch to face some of the darkest days of his own past and a thirst for vengeance he knows all to well. The flashbacks offer the return of Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia Corwin (not seen since her death at the hands of Root in "Firewall") who Finch stalked in the days following Nathan's murder going so far as to plan out and nearly execute her death in a similiar bombing to the one that injured him and killed his friend.

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