Thursday, March 5, 2015

Forever - Social Engineering

While looking into the murder of a member of an Anonymous-like organization of hacktavists Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) is forced to answer the question of how far he's willing to go to keep his secret when one of the suspects (Erin Darke) discovers nothing about Mr. Morgan's past is real. Despite the tension of solving a murder, and having the lead character blackmailed by one of the leading suspects in that murder, "Social Engineering" wraps everything up a bit too neatly for my tastes (with everyone who learns Henry's secret dead or in his debt) allowing the show to continue on with the status quo.

The episode does introduce the NYPD's Cyber Crimes Unit, but because of how the murder investigation unfolds it's unlikely we'll see them returning in another episode. The show does answer a basic question about who Henry Morgan is as he is only momentarily tempted to break the law to help hide his secrets before showing the same selfless motivations we've come to expect. As is the show's custom, Henry's flashbacks date back to the first time his secret was almost exposed when his elderly wife discovered his ravings were true and demanded he share his miracle with her and the rest of the world.

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