Friday, March 27, 2015

Person of Interest - Skip

While Reese (Jim Caviezel) deals with women trouble protecting his latest number, Finch (Michael Emerson) gets a number of his own whose threat comes directly from him. Immeadiately after sitting down to dinner with Beth (Jessica Hecht) the Machine spits out her number. With Root's (Amy Acker) interest piqued, Finch is forced to reveal the true nature of his relationship with Beth who he befriended solely to use as a way to install a Trojan Horse inside Samaritan via her now completed predictive algorithm. Now that Decima has become interested in her technology, with his hidden program inside, it seems the time to strike. However, one member of the team isn't willing to live with the consequences of Finch's plan.

Reese's storyline not only offers the return of Harper Rose (Annie Ilonzeh), and a new development in Reese's relationship with his therapist Dr. Campbell (Wrenn Schmidt), but also introduces a new character in bounty hunter Frankie Wells (Katheryn Winnick) who reminded me a bit of Mary McCormack's character from In Plain Sight. As Detective Riley, Reese works against and later with Frankie to track down a criminal (Ato Essandoh) she's been pursuing across the country not realizing the personal stake the bounty hunter has in the collar. Harper comes in to play at the woman hired by the fugitive to provide the papers he needs to flee the country.

Root's actions this week are sweet, at least in her own disturbing kind of way. Despite the fact that Finch has found a way to extract invaluable information from Samaritan, Root is unwilling to let him risk his own life choosing to kill Beth rather than allow Samaritan to use her to trace Finch's code back to him and may mean Root's absence for a few more episodes. Finch's reaction to her plan is extreme but in the end both are left with a compromise that doesn't satisfy either of them. As for Reese, after teasing us with how well he gets along with Frankie for an episode, "Skip" finally throws the former assassin into a romantic relationship with his therapist in a move that may lead to Iris learning far more about Reese's past and present than she bargained for which could cause problems down the line.

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