Sunday, March 22, 2015

Red One #1

Originally written as a French comic under the title Red Skin, Xavier Dorison and Terry Dodson's spy-thriller opens in 1977 during the Cold War when the Soviet Union's best agent is tasked with her latest assignment: work undercover in America to become the country's greatest super-hero.

Most of the unusual tale takes place before Vera Yelnikov begins her assignment in America giving us glimpses of her Russian family, her flippant attitude to her superiors, and her undeniable physical abilities, warm nature, and sexual presence. The comic also introduces the character of the Carpenter, a new right-wing American vigilante whose popularity could cause trouble for the Soviets if left unchecked.

The first issue of Xavier Dorison and Terry Dodson's certainly has fun with the character of Vera and the reaction of various men to her. I'm more interested in the character and the process of how she is transformed into a super-hero than the the inevitable conflict with the Carpenter (or the questionable undercurrent that anyone who isn't a rabid right wing Republican is actively helping the Soviet agenda). For fans.

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