Monday, March 23, 2015

The Blacklist - Tom Keen

With Lizzie's (Megan Boone) indictment for the harbor master looking more and more likely Reddington (James Spader) makes good use of the information forced out of the Major (Lance Henriksen) last week to track down Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) now working undercover as an Aryan Nazi thug.

"Tom Keen" ends the investigation into the murder of the harbor master. Although Red doesn't convince Lizzie's ex to return with him to the U.S., Keen eventually comes on his own freely admitting to the crime for which she is charged. That along with some pressure from on high forces the judge to rule against the increasingly obsessed Wilcox (Michael Kostroff) and sweep the entire sordid affair under the rug for national security. The episode ends with Keen free and not pursued for any crime by the U.S. Government suggesting the possibility of some kind of reconciliation with the wife he was spying on for years.

The episode ends on a terrific scene between Lizzie and Red as the master spy discovers Lizzie has liquified her assets in order to set up a trust fund for the dead harbor master's daughter. Red's thinly-veiled words of wisdom on looking after someone whose family you have wronged hit home with both characters and may do more to repair the damage between the show's core relationship than catching another dozen members of The Blacklist.

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