Monday, May 4, 2015

Backstrom - Rock Bottom

Backstrom's first (and possibly only) season comes to a close with Backstrom's (Rainn Wilson) attempts to prove his father Sheriff Blue Backstrom (Robert Forster) is a corrupt cop turning a blind eye to drug trafficking right under his nose. Backstrom also must deal with Dr. Deb (Rizwan Manji) who has finally tired of the detective's antics and found him physically unfit to duty.

As a mid-season replacement Backstrom has had a rocky first season delivering the weekly misadventures of a genius a-hole cop whose own unit struggles to work with. The season ends with Backstrom not only solving his case but finally putting the screws to his father leading to final scene suggesting the Backstrom we get (while likely still and a-hole) may be more sober should he earn a second season. Honestly I'm not sure given its talent pool the show has earned more episodes but should it end here at least it does so by offering some redemption for the character.

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