Monday, May 18, 2015

Elementary - A Controlled Descent

In terms of mysteries the Season Three episode of Elementary is weakest of the series but that doesn't mean it doesn't deliver in other ways. The abduction of Alfredo (Ato Essandoh) by Holmes' old drug associate Oscar (Michael Weston), who demands the detective's help in locating his missing sister, sends Holmes down a dark path in a finale that deals with Holmes' inner demons, his addiction, his guilt, and a growing frustration with a situation he can not control. It's immediately clear what Oscar is really after, but it does take the detective time to piece the series of events together and deduce the reasons behind Oscar darkening Holmes' door once more.

Allowing Watson (Lucy Liu) and the NYPD to search for Alfredo, Holmes agrees to work with Oscar whose entire reason for coming to Sherlock is to tempt the detective back into his old addictions. The story ends with the discovery of the sister, the NYPD's rescue of Alfredo, and Holmes defeating Oscar by resisting temptation. The epilogue, however, paints a darker end to the season's final episode as Holmes' frustration and guilt push the detective into a decision that will likely have large consequences heading into next season.

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