Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Trial of Atomic Robo

Ever since his first appearance in Atomic Robo's Free Comic Book Day issue back in 2012 Dr. Dinosaur has been my favorite character in Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's insane (with genius!) comic book universe. Released as a free digital one-shot, The Trial of Atomic Robo pits Atomic Robo against the pain in his ass once again when the dinosaur attempts to sue in court for the same legal rights Robo has been granted.

Of course with his limited attention span, and the fact that he's completely insane, it doesn't take long for Dr. Dinosaur's case to be thrown out leading the villain to declare Jungle Law and introduce his Omnisaur into the proceedings causing destruction and mass panic. Luckily a heroic science-adventurer is on the scene.

My only complaint with The Trial of Atomic Robo is that it's far too short. I want more Dr. Dinosaur insanity! That said, what we do get wets my appetite for more adventures of Atomic Robo, and hopefully more appearances by his deranged dino nemesis. Must-read.


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