Monday, May 11, 2015

Red One #2

The second issue of the translated French political super-hero story arms Vera Yelnikov and sends her into action as her super-hero alter-ego for the first time. We also get more examples of Vera struggling to fit in to her new life in America and face difficult choices between being a super-hero and following orders to track down the Carpenter (which is the true end goal of her mission for Mother Russia).

Terry Dodson's art continues to be the highlight of the series while Xavier Dorison writes himself into corners at times getting too political but continues to deliver fun moments of Vera, both in and out of costume, enjoying her life in America. Because the conservative and fascist themes are so integral to the story Dorison wants to tell (however unsubtly expressed) Red One will likely continue to be a mixed success at best as the character (I'm already completely sold on Vera and the hard choices concering her true allegiances which should dominate later storylines of this series) often gets drowned out by the message. I don't have much interest in Red One versus the Carpenter, but I would like to stick around to see Vera continue to evolve as a hero. For fans.

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