Thursday, May 28, 2015

iZombie - Astroburger

When a mental patient is murdered in in the same psychiatric wing which Major (Robert Buckley) checked himself into Liv (Rose McIver) makes the questionable choice to eat the man's brains leading her to continually experience hallucinations over the course of the episode (not all of which she recognizes as figments of her imagination). The dead man's speil about zombies to Major followed by the patient's death leads to a quick end of Major's volunteer stay in the psych ward (but not his obsession about what is really going on in the city).

The obvious hallucinations of being chastised by a cartoon devil on a bag of chips worked well in hiding how many of Liv's observations during the episode were circumspect. There are plenty of clues to what's really going on with weather man Johnny Frost (Daran Norris) popping out of nowhere, continually offering weather updates, and hanging around in the episode, but I have to say I was slightly disappointed (but not surprised) but the reveal that Liv's heart-to-heart about her condition to Major was just another hallucination given how well the scene played out. I'm betting the real Major may not take the news of Liv's undead nature quite as well as her imaginary version of her ex-fiance did. Given these reveals don't we also have to question the dead man's "proof" of zombies the uber-paranoid brain-eater finds on his computer during the heights of her delusions?

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