Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Castle - Dead from New York

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) are called in to investigate the murder of the creator and producer of a Saturday Night Live-style comedy show when the man's body is found in the studio. There are several moments which are meant to be cute, such as Castle getting annoyed with Beckett flirting with one of the stars of the show (who is also a suspect), but don't quite work. (No matter her personal feelings for someone she certainly wouldn't let it interfere in a murder investigation or dance with Castle in public in the middle of a crime scene.)

"Dead from New York" isn't a bad episode but it is easily on of the most forgettable episodes of the series. Nothing about the investigation, or the B-story involving Martha's (Susan Sullivan) stage fright, is all that memorable and it feels very much a filler episode thrown in at the end of the season to pad an already weaker-than-average season. Even Martha's subplot wastes and opportunity to have Kate be the one to help Martha through her jitters and build on a relationship the show really hasn't one much with since the detective married her son. Castle has been renewed for another year, but for a show struggling at times to recapture its old magic I hope the writers and cast have somewhere more interesting to take us (and no, Castle's mystery vacation isn't a suitable substitute for good mysteries).

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