Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Morning Glories #45

Teased in an earlier issue, Morning Glories #45 offers Jade's resurrection of her mother following a traffic accident and the fallout that event which haunts her to this day. Much like "After Life" from the Sixth Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer the latest issue centers around the double-edged sword of returning someone to life who doesn't wish to be taken from their eternal rest and reinserted unnaturally into the world.

Discussion of these ideas is brought about by Guillaume who lets Jade in on a bit of Jun's (really Hisao) plan and her unfortunate role in it. Despite his pleas to bring Hisao (really Jun) back from the dead, Jade is forced to decline understanding all too well how such a "gift" would be received based on her mother's reaction.

Since we've already seen multiple sightings of an older Jade helping to usher various characters onto the right path we can be confident she's not going to be Jun's sacrifice. Nor does she appear willing to bring back Hisao on her own, but if bringing back a loved one turns them into an enemy I have to wonder what bringing back an enemy might result in. Worth a look.

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