Thursday, May 21, 2015

iZombie - Mr. Berserk

In an attempt to ignore Lowell's (Bradley James) death, and the role she played in it, Liv (Rose McIver) jumps at the chance to eat an alcoholic reporter's brains, drink away her sorrows, and get wrapped up in a corporate conspiracy involving a sports drink which drives a small percentage to murder (and played a role in the night which changed her life forever). Leading to plenty of drunk behavior, Liv's latest meal also hyper-focuses her on a single story, while instilling a righteous fury and need to uncover the truth that nearly ends in her death (if she wasn't, you know, already a zombie).

The episode's B-story involves Detective Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) looking into the break-in and shooting that Major (Robert Buckley) reported only to come away with the conclusion that the young man is deeply troubled and needs professional help. A self-imposed stint in the psych ward doesn't sound too bad to Liv's ex, although it might not turn out to be the best thing since it causes him to connect zombies to his troubles for the first time. Just what he does about that offhand comment offered up by a mental patient will no doubt greatly effect his role in the series going forward.

"Mr. Berserk" doesn't do much to advance the war of wills between Liv and Blaine (David Anders), but Major learning about zombies does begin to pull him further into Liv's world and one-step closer to uncovering her secret. As for Liv herself, the zombie coroner's thirst for justice hasn't been quenched suggesting the battle the two zombies is likely to heat up over the season's remaining episodes.

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