Saturday, May 9, 2015

Convergence: Booster Gold #1

The first tie-in issue of Convergence not centered around a transplanted city in a dome gives us not one but two Booster Golds, but (against all decency and common sense) somehow neither is the classic character wearing his trademark Elvis-collar costume with gold pants as both are stuck in lesser variations of the New 52 character's look.

In a special prison on Telos for time travelers, the New 52 Booster joins with Rip Hunter to search for the Future's End Booster Gold who is reacting badly to the laws of time and space being warped so drastically on the planet all the heroes find themselves trapped on.

The structure of the story, not centered around an entire year without powers as so many of the Convergence tie-ins have been, is a nice change but the comic does loose points for blatantly refusing to give us a recognizable pre-New 52 Booster in all his glory. On the plus side Booster's jumping willy-nilly gets the New 52 version beat up by the Legion of Super-Heroes and reunites the other Booster with an old friend. For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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