Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Castle - Hollander's Woods

Castle's Seventh Season comes to a close with a variation of a throwaway line Castle (Nathan Fillion) offered Beckett (Stana Katic) early in the show's First Season as to how he became obsessed with writing about murder. The discovery of a victim with odd markings on her body and the recollections of a single witness bring back memories for the mystery writer as Castle tells Beckett the story of the first murder victim he ever saw in a story so odd, with no evidence to back it up other than the similarities with the new case, that even Castle began to question whether or not it was real.

Ending with the entire cast gathered around to celebrate Castle receiving a prestigious award, the final chapter of Season Seven is about the author closing a door to his past while "Hollander's Woods" opens another door to Beckett's future (which, coincidentally, was also teased on another episode of Castle). Castle has been renewed for another season but it's a given that the show is far closer to its end than its beginning at this point. Whether or not Beckett immediately accepts the offer to move into the world of politics or gets her promotion within the NYPD it's obvious the show is beginning to lay the foundation for where it wants to leave these characters when the curtain comes down for the final time.

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