Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Battle Creek - Homecoming

After purposefully shaking things up with "The Hand-Off," Battle Creek struggles to stop from following into old habits through most of "Homecoming" as Russ' (Dean Winters) morning-after bliss is cut down immediately when Holly (Aubrey Dollar) informs him she has no interest in starting a romantic relationship. That added with Milt (Tad Hamilton) being chosen to lead the investigation into the murder of the local high school football coach and the apparent suicide of a former star player brings out the surly side of the detective once more, although his connection to the high school, the victim's wife, and former classmates does stop the character from reverting fully back into his old self.

While showcasing the town's love and investment in high school football, "Homecoming" deals with the aftermath of Russ and Holly's night of passion (which several of their co-workers comment on), and despite teasing us with the return of the status quo offers some hope for the pair's future (despite her leaving town for law school and the show's cancellation). Although not a strong as the previous episode, "Homecoming" is above-average for the series continuing to suggest Battle Creek may have found its stride too late to save the series.

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