Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Battle Creek - Sympathy for the Devil

The series finale reveals the pivotal moment of Milt's (Tad Hamilton) FBI career when a figure from his past hellbent on revenge shows up in Battle Creek. Still trying to hide his past from his new colleagues, Milt requests only Russ' (Dean Winters) help in locating the man who blew up his car (with Milt inside). With Milt hiding the truth, there's no immediate back-up when both he and Russ are kidnapped by the would-be killer who has a personal grudge to settle with the FBI agent.

There's really no reason for Milt to continuing hiding the facts about his past once his life is put in danger except to allow the reveal to happen later in the episode. And although I buy Milt's guilt over the undercover operation that changed the way he view police work, I don't buy anyone else allowing the final scene to unfold in the manner it did with Milt allowing his kidnapper to shoot him. "Sympathy for the Devil" is one of the show's better episodes but the reveal isn't big enough to justify the the drawn out reveal, especially with the lives of two officers hanging in the balance. On the plus side, the series does end by humanizing Milt a little more and removes one of the main points of contention between the pair suggesting that if the show had continued past this First Season Russ may have been more accepting of Milt's help and friendship.

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