Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Big Hero 6 - Issue 188

Hiro's (Ryan Potter) life at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology  gets more complicated when Professor Granville (Jenifer Lewis) pairs him up with another younger student. While similar in age, Karmi (Haley Tju) is certainly not similar in temperament wanting nothing to do with the student who took her spot as the youngest student ever accepted to the university. The relationship is further complicated by Karmi's huge crush on Big Hero 6's Hiro who she doesn't notice is the exact same person.

Packing a second story into the episode, the team also deals with a mother/daughter duo known as High Voltage who uses electricity and crowd pleasing performances during their robberies. The episode's title relates to Fred's (Brooks Wheelan) plan to beat them by finding an extremely rare comic book (which, in fact, does nothing to help them in the end). Given that it doesn't lead anywhere, except offer a kind of Clark Kent/Superman example of why Karmi doesn't recognize Hiro when he's suited up with the team, it does feel like something of a wasted episode other than introducing a new supporting character.

  • Title: Big Hero 6 - Issue 188
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