Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Zorro: Black & White Noir #1

Zorro: Black & White Noir #1 takes us back to 19th Century California for thee tales of Zorro in black and white. Although none of stories is a standout, each features a fun tale for Zorro fans with different takes on the character. An older Zorro near the end of his career makes an appearance in London to prevent the theft of a giant diamond from a technology exhibition in "A Thing of the Past" which features Zorro relying more on his wits against the giant robot.

"Fool's Gold" opens with our hero's head on the literal chopping block after being asked to look into the strangers working with the local sheriff to steal the mined gold from Coronado. Here we get multiple examples of the character's ingenuity in getting out of trouble. And the impeding arrival of a viceroy in "The King's Emissary" Don Diego finds himself jailed for being Zorro in a tale that showcases the cunning of the fox as even in chains he manages to outwit his enemies.

[American Mythology, $3.99]

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