Friday, August 19, 2022

Secret Headquarters

A mediocre mash-up of teen misadventures and a super-hero film, Secret Headquarters follows the actions of Charlie (Walker Scobell) and his friends (Momona Tamada, Keith L. Williams, and Abby James Witherspoon) who discover a super-hero cave in the basement of his estranged deadbeat dad (Owen Wilson) and proceed to have a blast while accidentally alert an evil cooperate goon (Michael Peña) and his minions to the location of the super-hero's alien power source.

The story and part of the screenplay credit goes to Thor: Ragnarok co-writer Christopher L. Yost making you wonder what went so very wrong here. Maybe it was giving it to the directors who gave us Nerve and Project Power. The film feels very much like a Disney Channel made-for-TV movie with an admittedly impressive budget. Young kids may have some fun with it, but Secret Headquarters is more of a forgettable timewaster than anything else.

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