Monday, August 1, 2022

Leverage: Redemption - The Muddy Waters Job / The Harry Wilson Job

The final two episodes of the returning and rebranded Leverage: Redemption play on themes introduced over the course of the year including the return of RIZ Security and the redemption of Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle). Harry plays a role in both the final two episodes of the season as his daughter gets him involved in the investigation of an oil company run by his ex-wife's current husband (John Hans Tester). Ending in pyric victory for the team as RIZ destroys all evidence of wrongdoing takes us into the season finale with Harry working undercover with RIZ with the help of an old friend (Aldis Hodge) while the rest of the team begin to question his loyalty.

While there are a couple of green-screen moments, and a noticeable lack of extras in places, where you can feel the show's limited budget, the final two episodes provide two separate cons that together help wrap up the season. Ending with a farewell to Harry, but still leaving the door open for the character to be brought back, the finale also welcomes back Hardison who should see more of with the show next season with Leverage better able to work around the star's busy schedule. While still missing the mastermind that held the team of bad guys turned good guys together (perhaps a role Hardison might fill next season?), Leverage: Redemption nevertheless succeeds on its own merits even if, at times, it has felt like Leverage-lite.

  • Title: Leverage: Redemption - The Muddy Waters Job / The Harry Wilson Job
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