Monday, August 15, 2022

Dragons: The Nine Realms - The Tangled Web

While working out some internal conflict between Tom (Jeremy Shada) and D'Angelo (Marcus Scribner), "The Tangled Web" introduces a new species of Spdierwings to the series whose robust webs nearly prove to be the end of and the arachnophobic Jun (Ashley Liao). While the Tom/D'Angelo tension seems ramp-up and then be diffused a bit too conveniently to fit all in the single episode, it does deal with the more rule-abiding and structured Dragon Rider's conflict over his actions in the caves.

The Spiderwings prove appropriately creepy, even in the humorous moment where one gets stuck to Jun's head. Their webs force not only the riders but also the dragons to work more closely together including the dragons combining their breath attacks in some kind of super-blast that allows the other riders to save Alex and Jun from becoming spider food. I'm pretty sure nothing about the combined blast make sense, but it does set up a new weapon in our team's arsenal heading into the two-part season finale.

  • Title: Dragons: The Nine Realms - The Tangled Web
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