Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Only Murders in the Building - The Tell

Returning supporting characters play key roles in "The Tell" as Charles (Steve Martin) begins corresponding with Jan (Amy Ryan) who puts his suspicions on to Mabel's (Selena Gomez) new friend Alice (Cara Delevingne) as the possible killer. Oliver (Martin Short) finds the timing of Alice's arrival so close after Bunny's (Jayne Houdyshell) murder suspicious, a theory he quite publicly during a party where he pulls out one his favorite games. Although he doesn't get the confession he sought, there is obviously more going on with Alice than meets the eye as a more than capable liar with the ability to keep her cards close to the vest (or hide them in her purse).

The flashbacks to Oliver's 70s party days also bring back Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane) and introduce us to Oliver's wife (Marie-Fran├žoise Theodore) while a question from his son (Ryan Broussard) in the present shakes his reality. How, if at all this fits into Bunny's murder, is a bit unclear. The episode also sees the return of the podcasters' fans and offers a new suspect in the person who ate with Bunny the week of her death which is also likely the same person who left a matchbook from the dinner in the secret passage underneath Mabel's apartment.

  • Title: Only Murders in the Building - The Tell
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