Monday, August 29, 2022

Dragons: The Nine Realms - Follow the Lightning

Tom (Jeremy Shada) and the other Dragon Riders search for the missing Thunder in the two-part Second Season finale which plays on the previously-established themes of Tom and Thunder often going out on their own and not sharing with the rest of the group. The Riders eventually find Thunder in a previously unexplored portion of the underground world where he is caught in a battle between a much larger Skrill. Several other types of dragons make cameo appearances on the way, reminding viewers of past experiences, but the main story involves surviving the Skrill and the discovery of deeper caverns and artifacts that tie back to How to Train Your Dragon.

The theme of Tom's private nature has been used before, and I don't know that more is gained from mining it here as he once again agrees to be a better team member. However, there is some fun to be had in the group navigating the maze of the crystal cave and putting their disagreements aside to work together to help Thunder. We're also given a subplot involving Eugene (Vincent Tong) snooping around to try and figure out what his sister Jun (Ashley Liao) is up to, although it simply stops (rather than concludes) without any discovery of the dragons or the secret world.

  • Title: Dragons: The Nine Realms - Follow the Lightning Part 1 & Part 2
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