Monday, August 8, 2022

The Old Man - IV

Nothing goes exactly as planned for Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) in the fourth episode of the series. After arriving in Los Angeles, his business dealings in hopes of putting him in touch with an enemy of his enemy are stymied, Zoe (Amy Brenneman) discovers she has some leverage in the situation after all and makes an outrageous demand, and our super-spy is unable to talk Emily (Alia Shawkat) of getting on a plane with Harold Harper (John Lithgow) for a face-to-face meeting with the boogeyman of our story.

While bizarre, Zoe's plan does put some pressure on Chase to make a hasty decision. Of course the entire incident could have been avoided if he had dropped her at a rest stop, killed her, or never taken her with him. Any one of those situations would have put her in FBI custody, but would have left him with more options going forward. "Part IV" also includes more flashbacks focusing on the kind of war the younger Chase (Bill Heck) was fighting and an incident that is suggested began a brutal campaign which would eventually lead him to leave the country taking something precious with him.

  • Title: The Old Man - IV
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